Artist TOMOYA 

1985,2.26 Yokohama Japan

Contemporary artist. Having lived in Toronto, Canada he has learnt artwork, culture, photography, music, and more. Now back in Japan from 2008 he has pioneered spray paint art. He works for TV shows, live paint stages, and art works for production and advertising. He used to paint and perform art direction all over the world. His style is painting from DIY spray cans and is not any specialized can or art material, mostly just a spray can and paint on a canvas. Depending on the artwork he is painting with his hands, paper, guitar pick or something. You can see some of his amazing artworks and videos on this website. He has about 6 collections. Abstract portrait works, Animal, Landscape, Mixed media, Flower, Space. ALL unique original.  
TOMOYA’s work can be found in collections internationally, including collections in 
found in collections internationally, including collections in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C, California Texas, Michigan, Connecticut, Colorado, Connecticut, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, London, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Australia, China, Taiwan, South Korea Japan and more. over 12 countries 27 places. 

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 -Past TV works-
●ぷっすま TV Asahi channel 5
●人生の変わる深イイ話 Japan TV channel 4
●ヒルナンデス(LIVE)Japan TV channel 4
●シューイチ Japan TV channel 4
●はなまるマーケット(LIVE)TBS channel 6
●ミヤネ屋 Japan TV channel 4
●スパモク 『世界衝撃映像100連発 カメラが見た劇的瞬間』 TBS channel 6
●お願いランキング TV Asahi channel 5
●どーもキニナル(LIVE)Fuji TV channel 8
●金曜バラエティー(LIVE) NHK
●モーニングバード(LIVE)TV Asahi channel 5
●デザイン・コード TV Asahi channel 5
●シャキーン NHK Eテレchannel 2
●L4you plus TV tokyo channel 7
●Tokyo Boy 世界に誇れる日本人 MXTV
●朝生ワイド す・またん! 読売テレビ
●大阪ほんわかテレビ 読売テレビ
●ココロの旅 関西テレビ/東海テレビ/テレビ新広島/テレビ大分
●EZニュースEX テレビ朝日/KDDI/朝日新聞社
●APTN world 200 countries
●S Cawaii! 福士蒼汰×TOMOYA
●NHK Heart exhibition
●Tokyu Hands Shibuya Tokyo
●Ginza modern art gallery
-Other works-
●Book 「頭脳警察 Episode Zero ~悪たれ小僧の前奏曲」PANTA著 ぶんか社 BOOK
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●Stage show, Wedding, Party, Exhibition, Event


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